20 May @ 14:00
Venue: Diack's residence
Pregos will be served afterwards.
If you want to braai anything else afterwards please feel welcome. Bring your own drinks.

Directions: at robot (Silulumanzi) turn up. When road splits keep left up cement road. Pass Kings paradise. Follow road until next split and keep right. You will see vehicles parked on your left.

Please share with your Neighbors!

We urge you to report each incident, big or small, to the SAPS. We know that the process is tiresome, but please make the effort. By doing so we insure that the SAPS is aware of our needs which will encourage them to patrol our area.

We have had many incidents, over the past few months, in our area. If you have any suggestions or have seen something or someone suspicious, please don't hesitate to report it to the Security Chanel. Please remember to keep chats on the Security whatsapp Chat to a bare minimum. You are welcome to share all of your news on the Kingston Vale News Chat.

Insure that you have all security numbers available and that your family members have access to these numbers at all times. All the numbers you need is listed on the contact page. For new radio orders please contact Raymond Morse. He will be able to assist you or refer you to the correct Company for purchase.

Please feel free to email your business card to Abigail Davis for free listing on our site. We have more than a few talented neighbours you might not know about, so if you need a service, please feel free to ask for a referral.